A Snowman Named Sean

Santa was worried, and he had good cause,

The blizzard was bad, without any pause.

And out in that storm

Trying to keep warm

Was Santa’s dear daughter, Cynthia Claus.


She left hours ago to Elfish applause,

As she went to fetch ice with her picks and her saws.

But on her way back

The storm did attack,

And she lost her way did Miss Cynthia Claus


Santa was frantic and with all he did plead:

“Can’t someone go get her? For great is her need.

“Oh, someone who’s brave,

“My daughter to save.

“Please find her and you’ll be a hero indeed.”


But all remained silent or said, “I cannot.”

They were all too scared of losing a lot.

They feared getting lost,

And what it might cost,

’Til a snowman named Sean said, “I’ll give it a shot.”


So Sean set off in the direction she’d gone.

And all gasped to see them returning ’fore long.

They were stunned and amazed

For in front was no haze

The blizzard just parted for Cindy and Sean.


Santa and his elves erupted in glee

But they were all asking, “How can this be?

“We thought you’d be lost,

“And covered with frost.

“But here you both are just as safe as can be.”


Sean simply grinned and said, “Now believe you me,

“There was really no danger, not to any degree.

“I knew we’d be fine

“When they gave me a sign.

“The snowflakes all are my brothers, you see.”

Copyright 2017 by Don Davidson

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