Understanding the Old Testament

New: 59. A Sword For the Lord and For Gideon:

The Midianites and their allies mustered 135,000 warriors and camped in central Palestine, in the valley of Jezreel. (Judges 6:33 and 8:10) In response, Gideon was able to assemble an army of only 32,000 Israelites.

Coming soon: 60. Gideon's Terrible Mistake


1. Adam and Eve

2. The Creation Story

3. Cain and Abel

4. The "Sons of God" and the "Nephilim" of Genesis 6

5. Noah and the Flood

6. The Tower of Babel

7. God's Covenant With Abraham

8. Sodom and Gomorrah

9. Abraham and Isaac

10. Isaac and Rebekah

11. Jacob and Esau

12. Jacob and Laban

13. Jacob's Twelve Sons

14. Jacob Returns to Canaan

15.  Leah's Children

16. Joseph

17. Moses' Early Life

18. Moses, the Reluctant Prophet

19. The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart

20. Passover

21. Crossing the Sea of Reeds

22. The Journey to Mount Sinai

23. The Attack at Rephidim

24. The Covenant

25. Why God Speaks Through Prophets

26. The Ten Commandments

27. The Tabernacle

28. Tithes and Offerings

29. Old Testament Criminal Laws

30. Roots of the Two Greatest Commandments

31. The Clean and the Unclean

32. The Census and the Camp

 33. Spying on Canaan

34. Putting God to the Test Ten Times

35. Korah's Rebellion

36. Aaron's Rod

37. Moses' Critical Mistakes

38. The Journey Around Edom

39. Victory Over the Amorites

40. Balaam

41. The Temptation of Idolatry

42. The Second Census

43. The Tribes East of the Jordan River

44. Cities of the Levites

45. The Death of Moses

46. Joshua

47. Preparing for the Battle of Jericho

48. Jericho and Ai

49. The Gibeonites

50. The Southern Campaign

51. The Northern Campaign

52. Dividing the Promised Land

53. An Almost Tragic Misunderstanding

54. The Death of Joshua

55. A New Generation Arises

56. The First Two Judges: Othniel and Ehud

57. Deborah the Prophetess

58. Gideon Is Called By God

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