A variety of writings related to Christianity and the Bible are available here for your education and reading enjoyment:

"Why Reasonable People Should Consider Christianity" (Chapter 12 of Beyond Blind Faith).

Understanding the Old Testament - short essays that will help you make sense of the Old Testament, including the most recent addition: King Saul's First Big Blunder.

Christmas Stories - fictional stories (and one poem) set in the Christmas season, now or then

Stories of the Faithful - biographies of faithful Christians throughout history


My book, Beyond Blind Faith: Reasons for the Hope We Have (1 Peter 3:15),

is available on Amazon.com in either print book or Kindle e-book (here's the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074MVHVHP).

Read Chapter 1  (pdf format)



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Beyond Blind Faith: Reasons for the Hope We Have (1 Peter 3:15):

Stories of the Faithful (with some church history)

Christmas Stories

Understanding the Old Testament

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